Saturday, March 13, 2010

‘Morango’ controls the mind to fight ‘Batman’

By Guilherme Cruz

Photo Josh Hedges

Fabrício “Morango” Camões debuted in the UFC with a draw against Caol Uno. Scheduled to return against Kurt “Batman” Pellegrino at UFC 111, the black belt under Royler Gracie is excited to win his first fight in the UFC octagon.

“The last time I almost get it, but now I won’t let it happen again,’ Camões said, without thinking about the fact that he’ll fight in Kurt’s home town. “It doesn’t bother me at all. I never fought in my home, I’m here in the US for a long time and will always be the guest. But I’ll be the guest that wants to ruin the party”.

Training hard at San Diego, California, the former EliteXC fighter comments his preparation for the bout. “We’re training hard, setting a great game plan. He’s a tough opponent, but we’re ready, studying his game and I think this will be a great fight for the fans”, predicts.

In interview to TATAME TV, Pellegrino bet on his ground game to this fight (remember here), but the Brazilian says he’s ready for anyone inside the cage. “This is a good ground game, but this is MMA. We have to think in the fight itself. I’m a black belt under Royler Gracie, I believe a lot in my ground skills. I’m training Jiu-Jitsu my whole life and I think it’s hard to be surprised by anyone on the ground”.

And “Morango” tries to control his excitement for the fight. “I was really anxious for the victory at the debut, but that’s a problem. I’m working calmer now to avoid the mistakes,” explains Fabricio. “I’m doing a great job with Alvaro Romano and this is gonna be a great fight, I’m going inside all the time. I trained a lot for this moment and this is my time”.

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