Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Barral foresees duel with Roger at Worlds

By Eduardo Ferreira
Photo Eduardo Ferreira

Two times world champion of Jiu-Jitsu, Romulo Barral landed inAbu Dhabi to watch the UFC 112 and compete in the World Professional Jiu-Jitsu, event which takes place next weekend. In an exclusive interview to TATAME directly from UAE, Barral told us about his expectations for the tournament, showed that he’s seeking for the absolute champion’s big pot, and about the IBJJF BJJ Worlds. "I'll try again for the absolute, which has big names like Roger, who is the best fighter of all ... I think the dispute will be between me and Roger again (laughs)," joked the black belt, talking about the possibility of debuting in MMA.

They called you out of a sudden. Were you already prepared?

Actually I'm was not called. I was preparing myself for this championship since December and I came to see and acclimate myself to the UFC. I’m fighting in the 92kg category because I gained some weight and I’ll do my best.

Alexandre de Souza, Rodolfo Vieira and Alexandre Ceconi, among others, are in your category. What are your expectations?

They are coming from a good sequence of several competitions. These are the guys who are the best, I know it. I fought last year’s tournament and was the champion, but that doesn’t make much difference for me now. The greatest ones this year are they. I’m working really hard also and we have to wait and see what it’s up to come.

Will you fight for the absolute as well?

Of course, for me the championship about these two categories. If you are above the league average weight is best to think about it not only in this category, you have to fight the two and see if we can do it. It will be full of bounders; everyone with a thirst for winning the championship, you can not list them because there are great athletes and everyone wants to show why they came for. Tournament are like this, there’s no easy fight and we’ll stay ready so that we can make a good show for the audience in Abu Dhabi to watch.

Are you managing to practice on the hotel?

I’m going to train there with Bráulio and be beated, as always (laughs).

And the BJJ Worlds, how are this year’s expectations?

The expectations are always good for any contest regardless if it is the World, I will be there to fight for my title to defend my light-heavyweight title and I will try once more the absolute, which has big names like Roger, who is the best fighter that is out there, Braulio is also going for that title ever, but I think he will let this one for me because he was already won in Abu Dhabi, then I think it’ll be a battle between me and Roger again (laughs). I'm joking, but everyone is seeking for this title which is the most important, so I think both Roger and I think that way, is a struggle after another. Even if he is the overwhelming favorite, no athletes keeps thinking about the final, it’s a challenge upon another and the hope that you can’t make it.

And the MMA?

I always look forward to contend, but it is a very difficult sport, you have to get a good opportunity and I've always been a guy who has spent so much with Jiu-Jitsu and I haven’t got an opportunity arose. It came up, but did not materialize. If there is an opportunity to fight in a good event, sure I'll be there, but if it’s not a good event, life changing, I'll stay in Jiu-Jitsu.


Barral prevê disputa com Roger no Mundial
Foto Eduardo Ferreira

Bicampeão mundial de Jiu-Jitsu, Rômulo Barral desembarcou em Abu Dhabi para acompanhar o UFC 112 e competir no Mundial Profissional de Jiu-Jitsu, evento que acontece no próximo final de semana. Em entrevista exclusiva à TATAME direto dos Emirados Árabes, Barral comentou as expectativas para o torneio, revelou que vai em busca do cheque para o campeão  absoluto, falou do Mundial da Califórnia, de olho no absoluto. “Vou tentar mais uma vez o absoluto, que tem grandes nomes, como o Roger, que é o melhor lutador que tem... Acho que a briga vai ficar entre eu e o Roger lá de novo (risos)”, brincou o faixa-preta, comentando a possibilidade de estrear no MMA. Clique aqui e confira o bate-papo exclusivo com a TATAME.

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